Our Brands

JPC Direct – Webasto Authorised Partners

JPC Direct are registered partners of Webasto, and Webasto agents for the East of England. We have sold thousands of Webasto heating systems around the world. We supply heaters for all types of craft. This includes yachts, narrowboats, fishing boats and river cruisers.

We can supply, install and support installations form the simplest system to the most complex heating and cooling system for your boat.

We are also agents for Isotherm (also known as Indel Webasto) fridges and Isotemp hot water tanks.We supply a full range of spare parts for their products.

Sleipner Side-Power

Sleipner produced their first thruster in 1985, making today’s tunnel thrusters the result of over 30 years of development.

As the main Sleipner product, the tunnel thruster has been continually developed and improved over three decades.

Sleipner Motor AS own the Side-Power brand, and are based in Frederikstad, Norway. Founded in 1908, they have about 140 employees at their headquarters.

They also have sales offices in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

They can offer a dependable and long-lasting thruster for almost any boat under 160 feet.

Their thrusters are well known for safe and easy installation, and great performance.

Side-Power thrusters are offered in several models and sizes to satisfy all requirements.


Indel Webasto Marine is the parent company for the Isotemp brand.

Isotemp water heaters are specifically designed for the use on yachts and boats.

Only high quality components are chosen to ensure the best product performance.

These marine water heaters are very robust, with both the water tank and external cylinder fabricated from stainless steel in the Basic and Slim ranges.

The SPA range features the same internal tank in stainless steel and an outer casing made of high quality polypropylene.


Isotherm (also known as Indel Webasto Marine) manufacture innovative, reliable and energy-efficient refrigerators and freezers for marine use. They are based in St. Agata Feltria, near Rimini, in the Italian province of Emilia-Romagna.

Isotherm’s product range consists of fridgesfreezers, refrigeration systems (conversion kits), ice makers, built-in top-loading units, wine cellars, water heaters, and safes, as well as customized solutions.

Isotherm specializes in AC/DC marine refrigerators and  freezers that fit all requirements.